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The surveys conducted by our cooperation partners show that after the introduction of Boaty, the active activity of customers at the accommodation has increased. It has been better remembered and pleasantly surprised due to the additional values ​​offered by the accommodation.

The growth of mobility
grow 100%
Customer satisfaction
grow 93%
Ease of renting
grow 99%
grow 95%


We’re expanding our service globally by enabling individuals to launch and operate a Boaty franchise in their area. Invest in a rapidly growing market and launch your own fleet on an advanced software platform with expert guidance every step of the way.

Launch your own fleet with our end-to-end


Receive expert assistance for creating your business plan. Our franchise department has experience in estimating the size and scope of new operations and implementing best practices when it comes to deploying a fleet in a new location.


Get help from our team when communicating with various organizations. Such as financial institutions for loans and financing or local governments for licenses and permits.


Ongoing support for the whole operation. Access to maintenance professionals and best practice guidelines for keeping the fleet in optimal condition. Receive marketing guidelines, assistance and materials.


Why choose Boaty as your partner?

Mobile App

A single lightweight mobile app for both the users to use the service as well as employees to operate the boats. Numerous advanced features for outstanding user experience.

Management Dashboard

Observe and manage every aspect of your operation from a single comprehensive dashboard. Features include: overseeing the fleet, logging and tracking employee work hours, repairs overview and spare part inventory.

Data-Driven Operations

Every Boaty ride is logged and tracked anonymously. Data is used to help you maximize the efficiency of your service. Rebalance your fleet using real-time redistribution recommendations. Analyze the operating zone with heat maps for vehicle usage.

Good return on investment

So far all of our franchisees have made a return on their investment within a one year from launching.

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